Peavey T 40 Bass Natural 1979 with hard case

This is a 1979 Peavey T 40 in natural ash. It is in exceptionally good condition and a credit to its one and only owner. (A letter from the original owner detailing some of its provenance is included, as is a copy of the owner's manual)

This is a great player, nice low action, just set up and with new Rotosound strings. All chrome is good, as is the pick up rings and scratchplate - it is hard to faul

This bass is very original and has not been messed with. Comes with the hard case that was supplied with the bass (Not a Peavey case)




Some general information on Peavey T 40 Basses

It was 1978 when the T 40 was first on sale but the research and development started 3 years earlier...The 1970's were notable for a dip in quality from the major marques as the big companies tried to increase production with their old and subsequently inadequate manufacturing processes. 

Peavey looked to the manufacture of firearms for inspiration. Although mass-produced they still featured impressive working tolerances achieved using a NC copy lathes and CNC routers. Over 3 years Peavey modified and programmed the copy lathes to carve guitar necks and patented a unique method of bi-laminated construction. To ensure a completely stable neck, the wood blank was swan lengthways, and the stainless steel truss-rod inserted before the 2 halves were glued back together, similar to the design G & L Guitars still use. The wood was then left to season in a carefully humidity-controlled environment before being carved.



This attention to detail and extremely high quality followed throughout the rest of the bass.

The massive metal bridge and string-thru body design give immense tone and the electrics also boast a patented circuit, whereby the 2-humbucking pick-ups can be run in single-coil or twin-coil mode through the tone controls. The volume controls are tone compensated, but the tone controls activate a neat circuit that gradually turns the humbucker (at position zero) into a single coil (at position 10) Combined with a phase switch and a 3-way pick-up selector, means a great many tones can be achieved - making it a very versatile bass indeed.

These early USA made basses are now recognised as being ground breaking and great value for money, and are widely tipped to become highly collectable over the next few years. Played by Ross Valory of Journey, amongst others, they make a superb gigging instrument and are extremely playable.






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